Bac Ha Victory is known as a rustic and communal dish with a fascinating community connection. It is not just a simple dish; it also embodies the distinctive cultural aspects that reveal the unique norms of behavior, customs, and traditions of the people in the Bac Ha plateau. What province does the Bac Ha Victory dish originate from? What is so appealing that it captures the hearts of distant travelers every time they think about it? Let’s explore the Bac Ha horse victory dish with Cong Fu Hotel!

1.The Origin of Bac Ha Victory

Bac Ha Victory (also known as khau tha or thang co) is a traditional dish of the H’mong people, originating from Yunnan, China, later introduced to Vietnam and known for its unique preparation by the Mông people living in the Northwest mountains.

2. What meat is used for Bac Ha Victory?

Originally, horse meat was used for traditional Bac Ha Victory. However, to suit the taste of people downstream, locals adapted by using buffalo, beef, and pork, making it easier for diners to enjoy.

2.1. Legend of Bac Ha Victory Everyone Should Know

According to the Mông people’s narrative, when they were chased by people from the North, they had to migrate south. When they were starving and had nothing to eat, a horse appeared and said, “Butcher me, use my skin as a shell, and cook a dish with my meat.” The Mông people complied, slaughtered the horse, cooked it in a pot made of horse skin, and ate it. Thanks to that horse, they had the strength to cross deep rivers and high mountains to live peacefully in the South.

2.2. Cooking Bac Ha Horse Victory

Bac Ha horse victory is simple to cook but leaves an unforgettable taste. There are two traditional cooking methods:

– Method 1: Clean and boil horse meat and organs, cut into squares. Then, put the meat in a pan, season it, and place the boiled horse blood on top of the meat, simmering until tender.

– Method 2: After cleaning the horse meat, thinly slice the meat and internal organs, marinate them with spices for about 15-30 minutes. Then, put everything in a pre-cooked broth. The special broth includes various characteristic spices such as star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, fragrant knotweed leaves, etc.

After a few hours of simmering, you have a delicious Bac Ha horse victory pot. The unique smell of the dish may be off-putting to some due to the unfamiliar ingredients used by the Northwest mountain people. Many tourists mistake this aroma for uncleansed horse organs, but it actually comes from the special spices used in cooking.

2.3 Cooking Bac Ha Victory with Different Meats

In addition to the traditional horse meat Bac Ha Victory, locals also experiment with beef, buffalo, and pork. This is considered an innovative culinary dish, as simple as the horse meat version.

3. Other Cooking Methods

In addition to traditional cooking methods, you can also enjoy a delicious and exotic Bac Ha Victory hot pot. Although the preparation is simple, not everyone can cook it perfectly!

– Step 1: Clean the horse organs and cut them into pieces.

– Step 2: Use a charcoal stove, place a large old pan on top, add various meat ingredients at once, stir-fry with horse fat. Once the meat is seared, add water and simmer over high heat for a few hours.

– Step 3: Regularly skim off any impurities that float to the surface to keep the broth sweet and clear. Add organs like heart, liver, and lungs later and simmer.

– Step 4: Serve the hot pot and enjoy it with typical vegetables like bitter herbs, knotweed leaves, perilla, etc.

Similar to dipping sauces accompanying dishes like pho, Bac Ha Victory dipping sauce is uncomplicated. Due to the distinctive aroma and flavor of Bac Ha Victory, the dipping sauce is usually a simple mixture of white salt or broth powder with a hint of spicy chili. Alternatively, for a unique twist, you can mix soy sauce with finely chopped garlic.

4. Enjoying Bac Ha Victory in Lao Cai Style

To ensure that the meat is always hot and flavorful, when eating Bac Ha Victory, keep the meat pan on the stove. You can scoop out portions into your bowl as you eat. You can also add a bit of Bac Ha sautéed chili for extra spice.

Enjoying a piece of simmered horse meat with its rich, soft, sweet flavor and the spiciness of sautéed chili, along with a cup of truly spicy Bản Phố corn wine, is truly wonderful. Aside from the main flavors of the dish, you can also sense the subtle aroma of Bac Ha Victory’s unique spices.

The effective function of the corn wine cup is to reduce the unpleasant taste of Bac Ha Victory. After taking a sip of wine and eating another piece of meat, you will be surprised at how the unpleasant taste has disappeared. Only the faint fragrance of spices, the sweet taste, and the spicy warmth of the corn wine remain, making you want to keep eating without feeling overwhelmed.

In summary, Bac Ha Victory is a famous dish that attracts many visitors to Sapa, contributing to their love and special affection for the Northwest region. Compared to other dishes, Bac Ha Victory has a uniquely distinctive flavor.

Therefore, if you dare to try and experience its enchanting taste, Cong Fu Hotel is confident that this dish will leave you with an unforgettable impression. Don’t forget to share your experience with our travel guide!”